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BRing magic to youR School

We would love to visit you! The KZN Philharmonic routinely visits schools throughout the province, as part of our Education and Community Upliftment programme. During these concerts, the Orchestra performs as a whole, but also highlights the various sections and instruments. This is an interactive experience, which allows learners to hear, see and feel the Orchestra, and the novelty of watching the wonder and delight on the faces of a young audience is still not lost on us.

Calling all music educators!

You have access to one of africa’s premier orchestras!

We are convinced that music and arts teachers are heroes and propagators of creativity!

We would love to support you as you awaken young minds and hearts to the magic of the Orchestra.

Steps to Host Us

Bring us to your school

STEP 1: Reach out with your school’s details and five potential dates. At least a term’s notice is needed, but the sooner you’re in touch with us, the better.
We’ll then settle on a date and we can both pen the event into our calendars.

STEP 2: If we’ve never performed at your school, we’ll need to arrange a site visit. During this time, we’ll meet you face-to-face, measure the performance area, check seating area for the audiences and chat through any specific requirements. Please make sure that the person responsible for organising the event is present at this time.

STEP 3: We have a number of tried and tested programmes ready for our education concerts, but if you have any specific programme requests, please let us know. 

STEP 4: Our crew will arrive ahead of our musicians to set up the stage area.

Side Note

While we don’t charge for our Education Concerts, we are passionate about raising future generations who are generous philanthropists and who understand their role in preserving the longevity of the arts.

We realise that not all schools are socio-economically positioned to propagate this, but at your discretion we would love to invite our young audiences to become Junior Patrons of the KZN Philharmonic. If this is something you/your school would be comfortable with, please email us at

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