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Thank you so much for considering a project that includes the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra. We know that there are so many creatives out there, and we’re consistently blown away by the ways that our community buys into our passion for collaboration and excellence.

A Score for every occasion

The versatility of the Orchestra means that it can compliment almost any event or performance, and we’re very open minded when it comes to exploring possibilities. We frequently perform for [commercial recordings, film scores, jingles] and more, and would love to talk more about your specific needs.

Before we chat directly, please take the time to explore some commonly asked questions below. We’ve also made note of certain non-negotiables from our side. Because we see ourselves as a resource for our community, we always want to make sure we’re transparent, and  on the same page.

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We will endeavour to answer any / all requests as soon possible. For queries, you can reach our office at 031 369 9438, weekdays from 8am – 4pm.


The question we receive most often when it comes to hiring the Orchestra is “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?”. In truth, there is not always a straightforward answer to this, as it depends on a number of variables.

  1. Type of event — for example, we have an allocation of community concerts which we perform free of charge at schools and community centres throughout the province as part of our Education and Community Upliftment Programmes. Although we would love to, we are not in a position to play for private functions free of charge. 
  2. Size of Orchestra required — some events require a small ensemble, while others do better with the full orchestra compliment. Aside from salaries and session time, there is also a cost implication with regards to moving equipment and setting up the stage/performance area.
  3. Programme Content — for the Orchestra to perform, we require sheet music. While we own a library of works, the performance of certain works incur both hiring and performance fees. These are unavoidable direct expenses.

To insure the longevity of the Orchestra for generations to come, we have a responsibility to meet our income targets. These funds are used to cover some of the costs related to musician salaries and basic operating expenses. Because we see our contribution as a valuable part of the arts and culture scene in our Community, we want to encourage “co-labor-ators” not to undervalue the arts by giving away their skill without charging appropriately. Creativity, and skill, are fast becoming our economy’s most valuable asset, and we honour those who partner with us by actively contributing to our operating expenses.

For us to accurately quote you, we would need a project spec, which highlights your answers to the above. 


One of the constraints we often face is that of space. For the magnitude of the Orchestra, there is a drawback in terms of the size of the performance area. If you have funding secured, and are in search of an appropriate venue (for a live or recording session), please indicate this in our discussions and we’ll gladly make recommendations.

If you have funding secured, and are in search of an appropriate venue (for a live or recording session), please indicate this in our discussions and we’ll gladly make recommendations.


While we do have short-notice sessions available, we cannot guarantee that our schedule will always be open. Please let us know from the outset whether you have specific dates in mind.


Please note that we do not ordinarily offer quartets and trios for weddings. We do, however, maintain a shortlist of recommendations which are available on request.

If, after reading through the above, you would still like to pursue a conversation with us, please fill out the contact form above, or send an email to marketing@kznphil.org.za