One of africa’s premier orchestras

Welcome to the home of the KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra. We are here to provide you with quality entertainment and immersive experiences; making music and the arts as accessible to South Africans as possible.

Explore The Neighbourhood

Home is where the heart is, right? We are honoured to call the heart of Durban City ours.

There is a rich treasury of royalty in the earthy beat of a Durban street, where the salt of the sea and the waves meet the history and industry of a hundred years. There is music in the hand shake, and the green hills of sugarcane, and the palm trees and the surfers and the rickshaw dreams. There is legacy in the making of past, present and future. Even when despair seems to linger on the curb, there is always hope.

It’s our privilege to be positioned in a place where creativity and innovation can be found in so many different spaces, if only we would open our eyes to see it. If you’re planning an orchestral experience with the KZN Philharmonic, we can highly recommend you explore the neighbourhood too.

If you’re looking for a great spot to enjoy a meal, a good coffee or a drink at the bar, head over to the restaurant at the Durban Club Chambers. Their interiors are truly beautiful, with an artwork collection of dreams. You’d feel comfortable hosting guests here, just as much as you’d enjoy a moment of solitude in a bustling city.

The Playhouse Company is our sister organisation. A world class theatre, with fantastic amenities and a variety of productions that span a host of genres – this is a spot you don’t want to miss. While some of our performances take place in the Opera Theatre, be sure to check out their calendar for other upcoming performances.

A kiddies outing to the City Hall would not be complete without a visit to the eThekwini Natural History Museum. Their interesting exhibits are well put together, and offer an up close look at our country’s rich natural history. 

For the truly brave, and those looking for something truly authentic – and we’re not talking glitz and glam – why not try a REAL Durban curry at the Oriental Restaurant, located at the workshop. Be warned: it’s legit, bru.

For a light lunch and a healthier option, we can also recommend Taylor’s Kitchen, located opposite the Durban Club Chambers. 
For the local-yocals who know things: we’re excited to continue building the Durban City Centre cultural precinct, so if there’s a great spot that we’ve missed within a few blocks of the Durban City Hall – please let us know!