Education & Community Concerts

The KZN Philharmonic Orchestra’s dynamic Community and Education Programme has earned it admiration and acclaim from many of those it impacts. The Programme incorporates an array of initiatives that bring the transformative power of music to communities in various locations around the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Its robust agenda sees music education through the lens of exposure, upliftment, impartation and mastery, meeting people from all walks of life at each phase of the journey.

1. Exposure

School concerts

For many, hearing an orchestra perform in the intimate setting of a school hall awakens a new level of possibility. The beauty and necessity of starting to think creatively, and of experiencing life through inspired eyes, brings a much-needed aspect to the learning experiences of our children

2. Upliftment

Symphony of Hope

Symphony of Hope (SOH) concerts are arranged by the Orchestra at various retirement facilities throughout the province. At these concerts, which are free of charge to its audiences, the Orchestra performs a number of light classical pieces, popular favourites, and highlights from the silver screen. 

3. ImpartaTion

Teaching Programmes

The Kwabazothini Teaching Programme is now in its second year, and is an example of the Orchestra’s commitment to community.

As part of the programme, the KZN Philharmonic offers selected students one lesson per week, designed to improve on their level of musicianship and practical performance.

4. Mastery

Cadets & Mentorship

The KZN Philharmonic Orchestra’s National Cadetship Programme was born out of the need to create a career path for young musicians currently pursuing a professional career by fostering a mentorship-type relationship with musicians within the Orchestra and with the Orchestra as a whole.

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