Digital Upgrade

We’ve got a new look!

Connection with our audiences has always been at the core of what we do. To make your digital experience that much more user friendly, intuitive and dynamic, the Orchestra has launched a new digital platform. We have upped our game insofar as social media is concerned, and we have built a new website to facilitate our growth into the future.

2020 was a year that not many of us would wish to repeat. Virtually every person on earth has been forced to pivot and readjust to a new way of doing life, and the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra was no exception.

The changes brought about by the outbreak of Covid-19 fast-tracked our would-be organic growth into the digital age, forcing all of us to become more technologically inclined. As a company, the KZN Philharmonic quickly understood that our old ways would not sustain us, and joining with orchestras and organisations around the world, we began showcasing virtual performances. 

Our new site is designed with our audience in mind. Not only will they now have access to these performances, but they will be able to experience more of what we do across the board. We want to invite our audiences in, creating spaces where we can truly serve our community in spite of Covid-19.

In turn, we’d love the community to engage with us. Now, more than ever, the arts need their support. Questions or amazing ideas can be shared with us, by dropping a line to Better yet, follow us on social media, and show support for the arts by attending concerts – both online and in person.